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The Host

My name is Aaron Thomas and I’m the host of Parent Talk 360. I also host North America’s number one Pet Show “Pet Talk 360”.

When I found out I was going to be a dad one of the first things I did was go online and try to find a place where I could get info, expert advice and talk to other parents and parents to be. Yeah I found a few forums, but let’s face it, these forums are very impersonal, and so I decided to create Parent Talk 360. It is a weekly program that will feature parents and parents to be on a live show with topics that really matter. What’s with the 360? Well the show will touch on topics worldwide…


The Contributors

Some of the show’s contributors

Dr. James Choi

Dr. Cliff Redford

Igor Klibanov

mission statement

Mission Statement

To educate people on all things that are baby and parenting related. By providing necessary information and covering different topics and issues regarding your child(ren), we are helping society to further understand their parenting responsibilities. Every Canadian and American will learn more about things they previously didn’t know and can use this information to talk about with their family, friends and even doctor.

We provide the tools so people can ask the questions and get the answers to enhance their learning. We are not your average program; we’re cutting edge and cater to our audience. Our philosophy is we believe in the three E’s: entertainment, energy, and education.



Our vision is to make sure every parent and parent to be has all the information they have ever needed.


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